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Our achievements demonstrate our ability to increase production, minimize downtime and ensure the safety of installations operating with hot, cold, steam or compressed air systems.

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Securing a production site

Express delivery and commissioning to maintain steam production during blockages.

Securing hot water production

Ensure continuity of industrial operations in the event of unforeseen gas interruptions.

Temperature control

Maintain a constant 23°C with 35% relative humidity throughout the year to meet the specific requirements of the welding process, which also requires a total absence of air movement.

Preparing for ten-yearly inspections

If your steam boiler is immobilized, Tibbloc offers a solution to keep your services running smoothly: a mobile, dual-fuel steam boiler.


8 MW of Heat

Rental of 8 MW hot water production equipment with associated accessories such as exchangers, pumps, V3V skids, etc.

Chemical cleaning

Rental of a 3 T/h steam boiler with feed tank and water treatment, and rental of 90 kW compressors and air dryers for the chemical process.


Pipe decontamination

Tibbloc has deployed three steam boilers, each with a capacity of 3 T/h, 6 T/h and 10 T/h.

Process water

The installation of a boiler room system includes several essential elements to ensure optimal operation.

Rape seed boiler room

Energy Transition: Installation of boilers as part of an oil-free platform.

Securing a new plant

To cope with rising gas prices, a consequence of the opening of a new production unit, a 3 T/h combi-burner steam boiler was installed.



Wood boiler

Installation of a 250 kW wood-fired boiler, using both wood and pellets.

District heating network

Tibbloc was responsible for operating the boiler for 36 hours, with a permanent human presence (3x 12h).