Pharmaceuticals – Securing a new plant


Securing a new production unit for dental anesthetics


Investment of 40 million euros

This pharmaceutical plant has invested more than 40 million euros in the acquisition of strategic patents requiring the establishment of a new production unit.

This decision to purchase patents reflects the company’s ambitious expansion strategy, aimed at strengthening its technology portfolio and consolidating its position in the pharmaceutical market. These patents represent innovations that will enable the company to develop new products or improve its manufacturing processes, thus contributing to its long-term growth and competitiveness.


Ensure production continuity in all circumstances

In the event of sudden rises in gas prices or disruptions to gas supplies, being able to switch to the use of domestic heating oil enables steam production for industrial processes to be maintained, without compromising profitability or operating efficiency.

This strategy of proactively managing energy resources guarantees the continuity of production operations, strengthening the company’s competitiveness and sustainability in the face of market challenges.

This ability to generate steam from a variety of fuels positions the company well to cope with the fluctuations and uncertainties of the current and future energy context.


Steam boiler with combi-burner

To cope with rising gas prices, a consequence of the opening of a new production unit, a 3 T/h combi-burner steam boiler was installed.

Our offer includes a complete range of services, such as in-depth study of your needs, connections, commissioning, as well as logistics management, transport and installation.


Serenity in the face of Ukraine’s energy challenges

Our approach enables industries to maintain their activity without compromising production, by benefiting from a reliable energy source that can be adapted to changing circumstances.

Without fixed capital investment

3 T/h mixed burner steam boiler plant

24/7 on-call

Remote monitoring TIBBVIEW

Partnerships with carriers

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