Tibbloc provides the nuclear industry with mobile thermal equipment for hire during all types of work, shutdowns, tests and major refits. Intervention is carried out directly with the nuclear power plants or by subcontracting to specialist nuclear companies.

Test échangeur nucléaire


Tibbloc has a design office, a team qualified for major projects and a fleet of equipment for hire specifically for the nuclear industry: dry-coolers, static mixers, filters, exchangers and pumps.

Location chaufferie nucléaire


Tibbloc provides temporary energy for process or office heating (tapping into the customer’s secondary network).

Location refroidissement nucléaire


Tibbloc intervenes in process cooling to test a nuclear exchanger (dry cooler) or to provide additional power (cooling tower, cooling unit).


Maintaining a steam process during a planned shutdown, producing superheated water (internal heating network) or testing an exchanger, this is Tibbloc.


Carry out your regulatory controls without pressure with Tibbloc!
Nuclear power is an energy that can produce electricity in large quantities and without interruption.
This is why nuclear power remains a major energy source, producing around 70% of French electricity. 💡

Tibbloc works in partnership with specialised subcontractors and directly with the nuclear power plants (NPPs) during unit shutdowns (ASR/VP/VD), in particular for the launching of Steam Generators (SG).
Tibbloc is also able to create test benches of several tens of Megawatts to test heat exchangers before their installation in the framework of the “ultimate emergency diesel” project in particular.
In addition, we have a project unit that enables us to carry out complex studies and find new energy solutions for the new EPR2.

The nuclear industry relies on our expertise, including our MASE commitment, the experience and flexibility of our teams, our expertise, our independence and our technical support.

We can support you with temporary solutions adapted to your needs in all territories of France.