Tibbloc provides the nuclear industry with mobile thermal equipment on hire for all types of work, including shutdowns, tests and major refurbishments. We work directly with nuclear power plants, or subcontract to specialist nuclear companies.

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Carry out your regulatory controls without pressure with Tibbloc!
Nuclear power is an energy that can produce electricity in large quantities and without interruption.
This is why nuclear power remains a major energy source, producing around 70% of French electricity. 💡

Tibbloc works in partnership with specialised subcontractors and directly with the nuclear power plants (NPPs) during unit shutdowns (ASR/VP/VD), in particular for the launching of Steam Generators (SG).
Tibbloc is also able to create test benches of several tens of Megawatts to test heat exchangers before their installation in the framework of the “ultimate emergency diesel” project in particular.
In addition, we have a project unit that enables us to carry out complex studies and find new energy solutions for the new EPR2.

The nuclear industry relies on our expertise, including our MASE commitment, the experience and flexibility of our teams, our expertise, our independence and our technical support.

We can support you with temporary solutions adapted to your needs in all territories of France.

Installation of 8 MW of heat for tests at a research center

Our contribution included: 2 x 3 MW boilers, 1 x 2 MW boiler, 5 x 3 MW heat exchangers, 3 pump skids, 5 x 3 V valve skids, 2 x FOD tanks and no less than 465 meters of hose.

Thanks to the commitment of our teams, this complex project was completed in a record time of just one month.

All our departments operate in project mode:
– Our dimensioning experts
– Our purchasing department to guarantee the supply of specific materials
– Our logistics service to coordinate fleet transfers
– And last but not least, our technicians and engineers, to ensure the success of this project.

All of which testifies to our ability to meet substantial needs in demanding fields. At Tibbloc, we’re always ready to take on technical challenges and contribute to the development of cutting-edge projects.

Compressed air for the nuclear industry

TIBBLOC participated in the qualification of 3 of its machines, with the aim of providing a major player in the nuclear industry with 3 90 kW air compressors with integrated dryer.
– Dew point at -40 °C
– Oil-free screw compressors (FREE OIL)
– Capacity 40 m³/min _ Pressures from 8 bar

Return on Customer Experience :
– Good responsiveness from the Tibbloc teams, both during the project phase and the testing phase.
– Compressor packaging (ISO container, integrated protective tarpaulins)
– Quick and easy to commission M/E (Master/Slave) control system

Ten-yearly inspection, deployment of a 7 MW superheated water boiler

As part of a ten-year inspection and replacement of the flue tubes of our customer’s 2 10 MW superheated water boilers, we were called in to provide a 7 MW power boost using our Tibbloc superheated water boiler.

This initiative enabled our customer to maintain uninterrupted energy production during its ten-year inspection.
Our rental is for a minimum of 4 months.

Is your ten-year inspection approaching? Do you have to stop production? Do you need extra power?