Urban networks

District heating and cooling networks


Tibbloc is the first partner of urban heating networks (rcu) in France. Our boiler rooms are placed before final connection or the time of repairs or extensions. We then temporarily provide district heating, the production of domestic hot water (DHW), pressure maintenance and water treatment on a district or city scale. Our areas of intervention are :

New networks

Boiler rooms for medium-term rental awaiting RCU for biomass, geothermal, gas energy, etc.


Temporary boiler rooms delivered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for heating and domestic hot water in collective housing, erps, etc.

Maintenance & servicing

Primary heat, high and low pressure network passage, substations with heat exchanger for heat transfer from the primary network to the secondary network, secondary distribution network.

Modernizations, tests & validations

Temporary boiler rooms in the test phase for waste heat recovery energy projects, waste combustion / methanization, condensate recovery, etc.


Cooling networks have a distribution circuit buried over several kilometres. When extending a network, the end customers must be temporarily connected in cooling.

We ensure this connection as well as the essential maintenance operations, without cutting off the chilled water supply for critical applications, such as the air conditioning of hospitals, data centers, offices, etc.