Energy and power on demand: Tibbloc, your partner for customized solutions from 80 kW to 5 MW.

Tibbloc can supply a wide range of boiler rooms with the energy of your choice:

  • Rapeseed biofuel 100% renewable energy
  • Eco-fuel, minimum 5% renewable energy
  • FOD premium
  • Liquid Propane Gas (LPG)
  • Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

2-hour fire-stop boiler rooms 100% compliant with requirements for public buildings (ERP)

Energy on demand

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At Tibbloc, our expertise lies in providing thermal solutions for the production of heating, domestic hot water and hot processes, covering a wide range of sectors.

Wide choice of energies

We give you the freedom to choose the energy that best suits your needs. Rapeseed | Eco-fuel | FOD | Gas | 2h fireproof

Colza 100% ENR boiler rentals

Eco-fuel boiler rentals

FOD premium boiler rentals

Gas boiler rentals

2-hour firewall boiler rentals

Fuel Management

With a specialized service, Tibbloc is committed to ensuring delivery during installation and throughout the operation of its equipment. This approach guarantees optimized deliveries and consistent fuel quality.

By taking charge of fuel supply, Tibbloc complies with the strict regulations governing the transport of hazardous goods by land, as stipulated in the TDG and ADR regulations.