Refinery – Rape seed boiler


Heating the administrative buildings of a refinery using rapeseed as an energy source.


Energy Transition: Boiler installation as part of an oil-free platform

During its energy transition and the dismantling of certain equipment, a refinery opted to heat its administrative buildings with rapeseed (100% plant-based fuel). This decision is part of an ecological and sustainable approach, in line with the refinery’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and promote renewable energies.

During the transformation of one of its sites into a zero-oil platform focused on the production of aviation and automotive biofuels, bioplastics and chemical recycling, a refinery was faced with a new heating requirement.

In this context, the company has chosen to install four boilers to heat its administrative buildings and refectory.


Heating all buildings for 2.5 years

Our customer expressed the wish to use a green energy source to heat its facilities, in line with the energy transformation underway at the site.

To meet this challenge, it was necessary to design a heating solution that was both efficient and environmentally friendly, capable of meeting the buildings’ energy needs while at the same time being in line with the site’s energy transition approach. This involved identifying and implementing heating technologies using renewable energy sources, such as solar, biomass or other forms of green energy.


Setting up a sustainable heating infrastructure

To meet the customer’s specific requirements, Tibbloc proposed an integrated solution comprising four electric boilers and a boiler room running on rapeseed, a renewable energy source.

Our boiler systems have maintained heating and hot water in all the administrative buildings and the refectory, covering a total surface area of 20,000 cubic meters.

This solution was able to guarantee thermal comfort for building occupants, while meeting the customer’s environmental objectives in terms of energy transition.


Optimal service and maintained comfort

Responsiveness and availability are at the heart of our approach, with a 24/7 breakdown service.

Quarterly site visits and remote monitoring ensure that any problems are quickly detected and resolved.

These advantages translate directly into concrete benefits for the customer: The ability to carry out its transformation work without impacting on the comfort of employees working in the offices.

Without fixed capital investment

4 Electric boilers

1 Rape seed boiler 330 kW

Delivery of rapeseed biofuel 1 x 10 m³ tank

24/7 on-call