Heat pumps rental Reversible (heat pumps)

Reversible heat pumps for rent to heat or cool medium or large volumes: blowing by connecting ducts in fresh air or return air operation, our equipment has an air flow rate variator.


Heat pump with integrated single or double pump

Scroll compressors

Low power consumption

Soundproofing (acoustic comfort)

Efficient regulation

Compliance with standards

R410 and R407 A refrigerant

Power supply 400 V TRI + T

Choice of lease term

Heat pumps for rent

Model Nominal heating power (kW) Size (mm)
Reversible heat pump PFT50 48,6 kW 2000x900x1850
Reversible heat pump PFT100 63.4 kW 2251x865x2085
Reversible heat pump PFT220 41.3kW 4830x2440x2550
Reversible heat pump PFT250 130 kW 4830x2440x2550
Reversible heat pump PFT280 328 kW 4844 x 2440 x 2550