Industry – Securing a production site


Securing a production site


Installation of an oil-fired steam boiler to avoid production interruptions in the event of LNG shortages

Faced with the threat of disruption due to a possible LNG shortage and delivery blockages in France, we have taken steps to maintain operational continuity.


Express delivery and commissioning to maintain steam production during shutdowns

Delivery in 72 hours, with commissioning in less than a week, to guarantee constant production of 6 tonnes of steam per hour at a pressure of 7.5 bar throughout the shutdown period.


A 6 T/h oil-fired steam boiler, backed up by a 20 m³ reserve tank, was installed on an emergency basis. This initiative aims to guarantee a reliable energy supply, thus ensuring the resilience of our business in the event of an energy crisis.


Supply optimization and telephone monitoring

Our priority is to ensure efficient management of fuel supplies, supported by a Tibbview remote monitoring system.

We can monitor fuel levels in real time, anticipate needs and react quickly to fluctuations in demand.

In the vast majority of cases, we guarantee delivery within 48 hours, ensuring fast, reliable availability of the fuel you need for your business.

6 T/h 7.5 bar oil-fired steam boiler

Technical and physical on-call duty

Fuel deliveries for a 20 m³ tank

Remote monitoring TIBBVIEW

Partnerships with carriers