Boiler, water softener, demineralisation, osmosis

TIBBAQUA water treatment monitoring

Tibbloc offers companies a subscription service to its TIBBAQUA application for monitoring water treatment and generating automatic reports.

This option is particularly recommended for long-term rentals. When using the water treatment monitoring application, the technician will contact the customer upon receipt of e-mail alerts.


  • Enhanced security thanks to the visibility of the data at all times (parameter reading sheets, rapid detection and reporting via the sending of alerts on deviations), the acceleration of corrective actions and the exhaustiveness of the readings: boiler, softener, demineralisation, osmosis
  • Ease of use with pre-filled tracking sheets for control of settings, stocks and mixtures
  • Savings on treatment products, water and gas thanks to early management of drifts
  • Time saving: ideal solution for long term rental of our steam boilers
  • Continuous improvement through automatically generated reports and preventive action to reduce incidents.

REMINDER on feed water treatment for Tibbloc steam boilers

The feed water for the steam boilers rented by Tibbloc must be treated to avoid corrosion and scaling specific to this type of equipment. Tibbloc is able to offer make-up water and boiler water treatment as soon as the boiler is commissioned.

The proposed treatment will be a softening of the customer’s make-up water if it is not treated and a treatment of the boiler water by injection of a treatment product, supplied by Tibbloc.

During the technical visit to commission the water treatment, the technician will assess the need to upgrade the treatment according to the specificities of the site.

The follow-up of the treatment must be carried out by the customer according to the operating instructions given by Tibbloc. Tibbloc accompanies you on the follow-up with periodic visits. Chemical checks are carried out to verify the effectiveness of the treatment and the operation of the treatment equipment and to validate the monitoring carried out by the client.