Nuclear – 8 MW of Heat


Creation of an 8 MW high-temperature load bank.


Rental of an 8 MW thermal test bench to test a new refrigeration production plant

Leasing a hot 8 MW load bank is a crucial step in testing the new refrigeration plant.

The latter will be used to cool the future particle gas pedal.

The load bench will simulate the plant’s operating conditions at full load, in order to optimize its performance and guarantee optimum operation of the particle gas pedal.


Develop a customized solution in collaboration with :

  • Our dimensioning experts
  • Our purchasing department guarantees the supply of specific materials
  • Our logistics department, which coordinates transfers from our various parks
  • Our technicians and developers ensure the success of your project


Rental of 8 MW hot water production equipment with associated accessories such as exchangers, pumps, V3V skids, etc.

  • Hot water distribution on 5 separate networks, each equipped with a heat exchanger to separate our installation from the customer network.
  • Our heat exchangers comply with strict quality standards for the materials used (stainless steel).


No interruption to production

Geographical proximity enabled us to intervene quickly when needed, minimizing downtime.

What’s more, our company offers a 24/7 on-call service to be available at any time in the event of a breakdown.

3 boiler rooms 2x 3 MW and 1x 2 MW

5 x 3 mW heat exchangers | 3 x pump skids | 5 x V3V skids

Delivery for 2 FOD tanks

Partnerships with carriers