Refinery – Pipe decontamination


Plant dismantling and conversion work


Strategy for carbon neutrality

The refinery has embarked on a major transformation to become a zero-oil platform, aligned with carbon neutrality objectives.

The project requires investments of over €500 million to develop four new industrial activities, including biofuel and bioplastics production, plastics recycling and the operation of solar photovoltaic power plants.


Ensuring a smooth transition despite the refinery shutdown

With the refinery shut down, there were no utilities left on site, which meant an interruption in the steam supply. To avoid delays in dismantling and converting the plant, our customer and its partner specializing in chemical processing needed a modular, fast and energy-independent solution.


Deployment of 19 tons of steam

Tibbloc has deployed three steam boilers, each with a capacity of 3 T/h, 6 T/h and 10 T/h. Equipped with food tanks, overflow valves, softeners and fuel tanks, these boilers are interconnected at several injection points, guaranteeing the steam required for efficient chemical propulsion.

Our technicians are qualified in Chemical Risks and Steam boiler operators. Their expertise enables them to intervene for process tests, maintenance operations or temporary needs.

Thanks to the technology behind our solutions, we can guarantee high-precision implementation, ensuring optimal equipment performance.


Tibbloc your your partner for complex refinery needs

What sets our solution apart is our 24/72 SPHP operating mode, with a constant presence of our technicians throughout operations. Their expertise ensures smooth, safe system operation.

From the initial planning phase through to commissioning, we’re there every step of the way to ensure your project’s success.

3 Steam boilers all flow rates 3 T/h, 6 T/h and 10 T/h

Presence of technicians for the duration of the 48 hours

Fuel oil delivery 1 tank of 27 m³ And 2 tanks of 20 m³ each

Operating mode SPHP 24/72