Industry – Securing hot water production


Mitigate gas supply uncertainties.


Impact of the energy crisis on a production plant

The global energy crisis has had repercussions on various sectors, including industry. One production plant was faced with uncertainties related to disrupted gas supplies, which affected its operations.

To counter these challenges, the plant had to find temporary solutions to maintain production, and considered long-term energy alternatives.


Ensure continuity of industrial operations in the event of unplanned gas interruptions

For this plant, maintaining hot water production was crucial even in the event of an unexpected interruption in the gas supply.

This means taking a proactive approach to diversifying energy sources and reducing dependence on gas. With the ability to switch between different fuels, such as gas and domestic fuel oil (FOD), the plant can maintain its hot water production, even if the gas supply is interrupted.

This strategy also reduces fuel costs by offering control over the choice of energy mix. Depending on market prices and availability, the plant can adjust its gas and FOD consumption to optimize energy costs while ensuring continuous hot water production.


The energy continuity solution with Tibbloc

We installed two hot water boilers, each with a capacity of 3 MW, for a period of 7 months.

These boiler plants, equipped with mixed burners, offer energy diversification. By enabling the use of different types of fuel, they guarantee continuous energy availability, adapted to market fluctuations.

Supplied in standby or emergency mode, these boiler rooms form an integral part of a continuity plan, providing a reliable back-up solution in the event of failure of the main equipment or unexpected interruption of the energy supply.

The lease runs from September 2022 to March 2023, a period of 7 months.


Rental of two 3 MW hot water boilers for 7 months

  • 2x 3 MW hot water (90°C) combi-burner boilers for energy diversification
  • Supplied as standby / backup as part of a continuity plan
  • Rental period from September 2022 to March 2023, i.e. 7 months


Production unaffected

  • This plant was able to guarantee continuity of service without loss of production.
  • The boiler rooms were started up with FOD / GAS, resulting in energy savings.

Without fixed capital investment

24/7 on-site rental

2x 3 MW hot water boilers (90°C)

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