Our values

On a daily basis at tibbloc…

Mutual aid, solidarity, benevolence, performance, rigor, organization, positive energy, versatility, mastery of urgency and creativity

…and facing our future prospects

Transparency, trust, assurance, the same global vision, operational control, progress, safe, fair and responsible.

Our results in 2021

• Safety for all and above all with our mase and seveso certifications
• The recruitment and integration of around ten employees
• 25% growth in turnover
• Investment of 5 million euros in new equipment
• The development of our activities internationally and in multi-energy
• Integration into the bpifrance green rooster community, in partnership with ademe and the ministry for ecological transition

What is his position ?

Elodie works in the logistics & invoicing department. At the heart of the action, it steers the management of the delivery of a product from its production to its distribution. She is in daily contact with carriers in order to best manage compliance with delivery deadlines.

How long has she joined the tibbloc team ?

Elodie arrived at tibbloc 9 years ago.

His professional profile:

Because the term “smile and dial” is not a saying, elodie integrates this philosophy into her daily life.

Her joy of living is instantly transmitted around her.

Élodie and the whole team are dynamic & responsive. In the expectation of always better satisfying customer requests.

Endowed with good interpersonal skills, she establishes a climate of trust between herself and her interlocutors.

Meticulous, she likes a job well done.

When and how did she become aware of her passion for this profession ?

After working for a carrier, elodie started at tibbloc in 2012.

Very quickly she got involved and felt intrigued by this rich profession.

On a daily basis, new challenges are offered to her, her ability to be reactive allows her to meet deadlines.

Why does she practice this profession ?

Being an integral part of tibbloc, elodie loves this profession for its challenges and its self-transcendence.

This profession fulfills her and encourages her to push her limits ever further.

What is his favorite quote?

“The most important thing is to be able to push your own limits. » jacques villeneuve

What is his position ?

A true pillar, laurent-françois works as an administrative and financial manager.

He is both manager and manager, he supervises the financial management of the company. In collaboration with his team, he ensures financial balance and optimizes performance.

How long has he joined the tibbloc team ?

Laurent-françois arrived at tibbloc 9 years ago.

His professional profile:

Laurent-françois has excellent interpersonal skills that allow him to lead his work group. Indeed, his collaborators will say of him that he is attentive and caring.

Its subtlety and audacity ensure the maintenance of a continuous activity. In addition, his pragmatic approach ensures the harmony and reliability of the results.

Passionate about numbers, he thrives in his work: “you can only be successful if you love your work” he will say.

When and how did he become aware of his passion for this profession?

Coming from an agricultural engineering background and a management background. he discovered a passion for numbers when he joined an Anglo-Saxon audit firm, where he held a position as a financial auditor.

It was a revelation for him, so he decided to continue on this career path.

Why does he practice this profession ?

He loves his job. A great admirer of numbers, he sees in them symbols of life.

What is his favorite quote?

Past, present and future are one.

“the distinction between past, present and future retains only the value of an illusion, however tenacious it may be. »

Albert Einstein.

His advice: all the difficulties are there to make us progress / evolve.