Our sectors


Cases of intervention in events

We offer a wide range of services for heating, air conditioning, air treatment and compressed air, adapted to any type of event. Thanks to our expertise, we have supported numerous events in various sectors.

Concerts and festivals

For a festival, our teams installed 2 DHW heating systems.

Our ACS-compliant temporary hot water production solutions are suitable for all types of primary energy.

Weddings and receptions

Unique and unforgettable events require efficient and reliable temperature control equipment.

To ensure a pleasant climate and cool storage space, our teams installed two 115 KW heat pumps, two 250 KW air handling units and three 15 KW mobile air conditioners.

Sports events :

In anticipation of a large influx of visitors, we installed 2 chillers to cool the air inside an Olympic-size swimming pool.

The installation is carried out several weeks in advance to test and ensure that everything will work properly for the upcoming training sessions and competitions.