Rental of small, medium or large chillers from 10 to 340 kW

For positive and negative cooling applications in tertiary, industry, hospital, data centre, food industry, plastics industry, pharmacy… TIBBLOC chillers (air-cooled water chillers) are designed with a circulation pump and integrated storage tank for fluid cooling applications at temperatures of -10/+15°C, with a nominal fluid temperature of 6°C. For temperatures below -12°C, our in-house project design team will be consulted.

Benefits of renting a Tibbloc chiller

Chiller with integrated single or double pump

Scroll compressors

Low power consumption

Soundproofing (acoustic comfort)

Efficient regulation

Compliance with standards

Refrigerant R410 and R407 A

Power supply 400 V TRI + T

Positioned on reinforced frames, made in our workshops

Robust and efficient right from commissioning

All types of rental periods.

Chillers for rent up to 340 kW

Model Nominal power (kW) Size (mm)
GFT10 chiller 6,6 kW 1250x560x810
GFT20 chiller 15 kW 2500x1050x2300
GFT50 chiller 41 kW 2000x1000x1650
GFT80 chiller 70 kW 2500x1050x2300
GFT130 chiller 123 kW 3050x2450x2600
GFT180 chiller 178 kW 3620x2450x2150
GFT210 chiller 208 kW 3620x2400x2350
GFT270 chiller 263 kW 4720x2390x2350
GFT340 chiller 332 kW 4720x2390x2350