Heater rental Heated air

Heating solutions for hire for a wide range of applications, from office heating to industrial heating (furnaces, electric and hydraulic unit heaters, air handling units.

Wide temperature range for many applications

From heating offices, buildings to large volume industrial heating, warehouses

Compact heater, mobile, quick to set up

Tailor-made studies. Integrated services for transport, delivery, commissioning, fuel management and decommissioning

Additional equipment and ancillaries supplied

All types of rental periods, from a few days to several months.

Heated air

Equipment type Power Size
Gas/fuel air heaters 185 kW and 350 kW 2400x800x1370 et 3850x1200x2010
Electric unit heaters 6 / 9 / 12 kW 610x356x578
Electric unit heaters 9 / 13 / 18 kW 470x406x578
Electric unit heaters 22 kW 520x586x640
Electric unit heaters 40 kW 1980x800x1300
Hydraulic unit heaters 40,5 kW 800x800x1200
Air handlers 54 kW 1400x700x1700
Air handlers 150 kW 2300x1000x2300
Air handlers 200 kW 2500x2050x1600

Heat pump