Boiler rental electrical

Lightweight solutions, with indoor or outdoor positioning

Lightweight solutions, with indoor or outdoor positioning (integration in a 10-foot container), which offer you simplicity and speed of connection.
They also allow the drying of concrete slabs and underfloor heating.

Power range 20 to 270 kW

Carbon steel or stainless steel surround

Rockwool insulation, painted steel jacket

Stainless steel pin-type immersion heaters

Complete distribution panel

Safety thermostats

Valves, flow controller, drain valve

Primary pump

Expansion vessel depending on the model

Electric boilers for rent

Reference Power (kW) Size (mm)
Electric boiler 20 kW 1800x1000x1300
Electric boiler 35 kW 1800x1000x1300
Electric boiler 40 kW 1800x1000x1300
Electric boiler 60 kW 1500x750x1900
Electric boiler 96 kW 1800x1200x2150
Electric boiler 144 kW 1400x800x1950
Electric boiler 156 kW 1400x800x1800
Electric boiler 216 kW 1400x800x1950
Electric boiler 270 kW 800 x1000x1580