Rental of air handling units (cooling)

Our air handling units operate with fresh air or recycled air depending on your needs.


Our variable airflow units with a wide range of power ratings (130 to 500 kW) are combined with supply ducts for efficient implementation.

Our high-performance air conditioning units for data centres, computer rooms and the pharmaceutical industry are as handy as they are attractive.

From low temperature storage (cold room -22°C), to high temperature air treatment with our dry-cooler or treatment in fresh or return air, Tibbloc allows you to optimize your choice -

Cooling air handling unit

Reference Nominal power (kW) size (mm)
CTAT130 130 kW 2.6x1.2x1.58
CTAT250 264 kW 2.7x1.2x2.25
CTAT350 500 kW 4x1.2x2.25