Cleaning and decontamination

We work closely with companies specializing in chemical cleaning to offer a complete range of services tailored to industrial needs. These services include capacity cleaning, pressure testing, network cleaning and decontamination.

Capacity Cleaning : To maintain the efficiency and safety of industrial storage tanks. Residues and deposits can build up over time, affecting the quality of the stored product and the performance of the equipment.

Pressure testing: For testing piping systems and pressure vessels. This process detects leaks, structural weaknesses and other potential problems before they cause breakdowns or accidents.

Network cleaning: Cleaning pipe networks and conduits to maintain flow and prevent blockages. Scale deposits, sludge and other contaminants can reduce system efficiency and increase the risk of corrosion.

Chemical decontamination : Po remove hazardous or undesirable substances from industrial facilities. Whether it’s toxic chemicals, biological waste or radioactive residues.