Rental refrigeration and air conditioning

Tibbloc offers 100% available, high-performance and reliable temporary cooling solutions for hire.

Rental of chillers of all capacities from 8 KW to 1 MW

A wide range of cooling applications / positive and negative cooling down -30°C (chilled water or glycol)

High-efficiency cooling unit, screw or scroll compressors.

Environment: soundproofing (respect for sound and environmental pollution guidelines), latest generation refrigerants.

Integrated design office and cooling experts for all projects: process cooling, industrial cooling, cold storage, etc.

Important and recent fleet of chillers, dry coolers perfectly maintained and overhauled, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Turnkey delivery, setup and commissioning with add-ons (heat exchangers, buffer tanks, pumps, hoses)

Chiller rental

Rental cooling is a rapidly growing market with the development of the usage economy, an economic model that favors the use of rental refrigeration equipment over owning them… in tune with the times and for a long time to come!

The usage economy is an offshoot of the circular economy, which consists of producing goods and services in a sustainable way and therefore moving from a completely disposable society to a circular economic model. 73% of French people cite the environmental benefit as a benefit of this model in use (source: “end of ownership 2020” study).

A rental cooling specialist since 2011

Since 2011, under the leadership of its refrigeration and air conditioning experts, Tibbloc has diversified in the provision of temporary cooling systems. At your service, Tibbloc provides new, perfectly maintained and overhauled equipment and an in-house team of refrigeration and air conditioning engineers Tibbloc offers a 24/7 service throughout France.

  • Thanks to the expertise of our in-house design office, we design small, medium and high-powered mobile positive/negative cooling systems to meet the needs of tertiary and industrial applications, hospitals, data centers, food processing, plastics processing, pharmaceuticals…
  • Close proximity to customers, experience of the French industrial, tertiary and residential fabric, and responsiveness via its nine branches have enabled Tibbloc to become one of France’s leaders in mobile refrigeration.

Concrete cases of rental cooling applications

Imagine a hospital…

It’s Friday and the air conditioning is broken. You cannot close beds. Your services are under pressure: emergencies, resuscitation, surgery, paediatrics… a refrigeration rental company will intervene.

Imagine a residential area…

Maintenance work on the district cooling network is in progress. In its service guarantee contract, your operator agrees to a perfect continuity of cold supply to housing. He anticipated and called on a refrigeration rental company to take over during the work.

Imagine a food factory…

It’s summer and the heat wave has set in. The refrigeration processes are put to the test and the cooling capacities are now undersized in view of the outside temperatures. Will it break? Nope ! The production manager, after analyzing his process, called his refrigeration rental company and asked him for additional cooling capacity, as he does every year for only a few weeks. And therefore without additional investment in permanent cold equipment.

Imagine a warehouse…

It’s almost Christmas and pallets of festive products are piling up in warehouses to be stored at a precise temperature to maintain quality and market value. To improve safety and reduce logistics costs, the warehouse manager temporarily regulates the temperature of his warehouse by renting cold.

Imagine a data centre… imagine a nuclear power plant… imagine a refinery…