The rubber and sugar industries are particularly steam-hungry. of steam,necessary for various aspects of their production processes. The steam requirements of these industries can be continuous or temporary, and vary according to specific production stages, operating conditions and maintenance needs. In all these situations, our steam boiler rental solutions are there to meet your requirements quickly and efficiently.

Rental solutions for steam boilers :

Whether for continuous or temporary needs, our rental steam boilers are designed to meet the specific requirements of these industries.

  • In the event of a breakdown: Our replacement boilers are available on short notice to minimize downtime and guarantee continuity of production. We provide fast delivery and installation to minimize downtime.
  • Scheduled maintenance: During maintenance periods, our temporary boiler rooms take over to ensure that your operations don’t come to a standstill. We provide solutions tailored to the duration and specific needs of your maintenance operations.
  • Production expansion: When increasing production capacity, our additional boiler rooms can be integrated to supply the steam needed for new equipment and processes. This allows you to ramp up your production gradually and in a controlled manner.

Steam requirements in the rubber industry :

  • Heating compounds: Steam is used to heat rubber compounds to facilitate the vulcanization process needed to give rubber its elastic, long-lasting properties.
  • Molding process: In molding processes, steam ensures that the right temperature is maintained so that the rubber takes on the desired shape without defects.
  • Separation and drying: Steam is used to dry the rubber after washing, ensuring that the final product is moisture-free.

Steam requirements in the sugar industry :

  • Extraction and purification: When sugar is extracted from cane or beet, steam is used to heat the sugar juices and facilitate the separation of impurities.
  • Concentration and crystallization: Steam is essential for evaporating water from sugar solutions, enabling sugar concentration and crystal formation.