Public Services – District heating network


Maintaining the pressure of a heating network during a construction phase


Rental of a 10 T/h steam boiler to maintain pressure in the cut-off network

We proposed a 10 T/h steam boiler to maintain pressure in the sectioned network (12 bar) for work such as steam and condensate tapping on the main manifold.

With this temporary heating solution, our customers can keep their network pressurized and carry out their work safely and with maximum efficiency.


Tibbloc was responsible for operating the boiler for 36 hours with a permanent human presence (3x 12h).

This meant that our crews had to take turns every 12 hours to make sure the boiler was running.

This safety measure was necessary to avoid any breakdowns. The teams therefore worked closely together to ensure that the boiler ran continuously throughout the 36-hour period, making sure that everything was in order and carrying out regular checks. The operation was a success.


Maintaining a pressure of 12 bar by supplying steam to the district heating network

For this purpose, a 10 T/h steam boiler was installed with all the necessary equipment:

  • A 6 m³ buffer tank with integrated water treatment to guarantee water quality.
  • A 20 m³ FOD tank for storing fuel oil.


No interruption to production

Geographical proximity enabled us to intervene quickly when needed, minimizing downtime.

What’s more, our company offers a 24/7 on-call service to be available at any time in the event of a breakdown.

Without fixed capital investment

Steam boiler 10 T/h

6 m³ food tank with integrated water treatment

Delivery for 20 m³ FOD tank

Partnerships with carriers