Nuclear – Preparing for ten-yearly inspections


Maintain production during periodic inspections.


Strategies for preparing steam boilers for periodic inspections

Steam boilers are subject to strict regulations, which require periodic inspections to ensure their proper operation and compliance with safety standards. Effective preparation for these inspections is essential to ensure continuity of industrial operations and avoid regulatory penalties.


Ensure continuity of production and guarantee a secure recovery

In the event of major incidents during periodic inspections, such as cracks, under-thickness or other forms of degradation, maintaining production continuity becomes a priority. That’s why we’ve come up with a solution that’s already up and running, providing an effective response to technical contingencies.

This far-sighted solution minimizes potential interruptions to production in the event of equipment failure. By having an alternative ready for immediate commissioning, you can avoid the time and costs associated with prolonged production downtime.


Dual-fuel mobile steam boiler

If your steam boiler is immobilized, Tibbloc offers a solution to keep your services running smoothly: a mobile, dual-fuel steam boiler.

This solution offers flexibility by allowing the use of several types of fuel, guaranteeing continuous energy availability even in the event of failure or maintenance of your main boiler.

Thanks to its mobility, this boiler can be quickly deployed on site, providing a temporary and reliable source of energy to ensure continuity of your operations. This rapid response capability reduces downtime and minimizes disruption to your production process.

This boiler’s dual-fuel capability offers additional adaptability, enabling easy switching between different types of fuel depending on availability and cost, thus ensuring optimized management of energy resources.


Tailor-made temporary solutions for industry

Industry professionals trust our expertise, benefiting from our commitment to MASE standards, as well as the experience and flexibility of our teams.

Our business expertise, autonomy and technical support guarantee temporary solutions tailored to your needs, whether in France or Europe.

Steam boilers from 250 kg/h to 17 T/h

24/7 technical and physical on-call duty

SPHP 24/72 operating mode

Fuel deliveries 20 m³