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Tibbloc is the French rental specialist and associated services for temporary heating, cooling, air conditioning and air treatment solutions, steam and compressed air.





Tibbloc’s DNA: strong human values

Created in 2007 by HVAC specialists with 30 years of experience, Tibbloc is an independent French rental company. Today, Tibbloc has grown into an SME with a staff of almost 110, and the scope of action of a major group. It remains an independent partner, on a human scale, with a definite focus on its customers, and the strong values that have made it a success. Maintaining quality, trusting and warm relationships with our clients and partners is, today as in the past, a fundamental requirement of our action.

Our results in 2023

  • Nearly €5m of investments
  • Opening of agencies in Angers and Metz and a depot in Toulouse
  • Recruitment and integration of around 30 new employees
  • Nearly 110 employees
  • Safety for all and above all with our MASE and Seveso certifications

Our outlook for 2024

  • New investments focused on the ecological transition
  • ISO 9001 implementation launched

Tibbloc is committed to offering a variety of energy solutions to suit every situation.

What sets us apart is our ability to adjust to your energy supply needs. Depending on your configuration, infrastructure or requirements, we can provide you with 15 energy solutions.

You can choose between different sources:

  • 100% renewable energy with biomass and rapeseed
  • Eco-fuels
  • Premium fuels
  • Gas
  • 2-hour firewall
  • Reversible heat pump
  • Electric
  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Heating – Hot air
  • Positive and negative refrigeration
  • Steam
  • Air Conditioning and Air Handling
  • Compressed air

Tibbloc is committed to providing you with the flexibility you need to meet your energy and environmental requirements.

Leader in turnkey multi-energy rental services

We make everyday life easier for urban networks, industry, local authorities and the service sector, by mobilizing our experienced teams and deploying our turnkey technical solutions everywhere, 24/7 .

We are the French specialist in the rental of mobile, complete, autonomous and immediately deployable energies, serving the sustainable projects of our customers in industry, networks, the service sector and local authorities.