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Rental of a 250 kW wood-fired boiler for 7 months at the aquatic center, to reduce its energy consumption.


The Communauté de communes de Parthenay-Gâtine adopts an innovative approach to reduce aquatic center costs

In a context marked by a significant increase in gas and electricity rates, the aquatic center’s energy bill has risen tenfold.

Faced with this situation, the Communauté de communes de Parthenay-Gâtine is determined to make a long-term commitment to energy efficiency.

With this in mind, it opted for our alternative solution to contain its energy costs.


Integrating energy efficiency

The Communauté de communes de Parthenay-Gâtine faces a major challenge: controlling its energy costs, in a context of rising gas and electricity prices. Faced with this difficult economic situation, it became imperative to find a viable, cost-effective alternative to the two gas-fired boilers that have traditionally provided heating for the aquatic center.

However, the Communauté de communes wishes to make energy efficiency a central concern, in order to reinforce the community’s ecological image among its citizens, and thus demonstrate its commitment to preserving the environment.


An innovative solution for sustainable energy at the Aquatic Center

Installation of a 250 kW wood-fired boiler, using both wood and pellets.

Unlike traditional gas-fired boilers, this new installation significantly reduces the aquatic center’s energy dependence on fossil fuels, while offering an ecological and economical alternative.

A crucial aspect of the Tibbloc solution is the local origin of the fuels used. In fact, the wood needed to run the boiler is sourced from a company located in the same region, thus promoting the local economy and reducing the carbon footprint associated with transport.


Significant reduction in energy bills

The adoption of the Tibbloc solution has delivered tangible benefits in terms of reduced energy costs for the Parthenay-Gâtine aquatic center.

During the 7-month trial period, energy bills were reduced by a significant 95,000 euros.

This compares with the usual 150,000 euros spent on gas over a similar period.

The cost of renting the boiler for 7 months is equivalent to only 40 days of gas heating. This comparison underlines not only the economic advantage of using wood as an energy source, but also the rapid return on investment from leasing the Tibbloc boiler.

In fact, thanks to these substantial savings, the boiler rental will pay for itself as early as the ninth month of use. This rapid return on investment testifies to the financial relevance of the transition to more sustainable and economical energy, positioning the aquatic center on the path to more efficient and responsible energy management in the long term.

Without fixed capital investment

250 kW wood and pellet boiler

24/7 on-call

Locally sourced wood

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