Food and beverage

This is a very important sector in France, with a number of major steam-consuming companies, notably sugar manufacturers. In hot we offer, often on an emergency basis, our steam boilers up to 17 T/h to meet their production needs.

Process, storage, power reinforcement, power validation test, pre-cooler, new production… the food industry requires high power and reliable equipment. With our chillers and ancillary equipment, exchangers, air coolers, food tanks, pumps and piping, we provide you with a range of resources in refrigeration and air conditioning for dairy manufacturers, slaughterhouses, fruit and vegetable cooperatives, growers, processing plants, freezing units, the wine industry, etc.

Due to the short, seasonal and programmable duration, the choice of rental is most often favoured by the food and beverage industries. Tibbloc provides them with a complete temperature control service according to their requirements, for products that always meet their quality and taste specifications.