Nuclear – Chemical cleaning


Chemical cleaning of the steam generator.


Unit shutdown

During a maintenance operation on the steam generators, steam had to be made available to clean the bundles and compressors for bubbling.

This requirement was crucial to ensure the smooth running of maintenance during the unit outage.


As part of the chemical process, an integrated solution combining the supply of compressed air and steam was put in place to meet operational requirements.

This solution guarantees a constant capacity to supply 3 tons per hour of steam and 1300 cubic meters per hour of dry air, over a continuous period of 11 days, 24 hours a day.


Our service includes the supply of steam, fuel oil and compressed air, backed up by a physical presence on site.

The container supplied is equipped with a boiler room with a capacity of 3 tons per hour, guaranteeing a reliable supply of steam.

What’s more, it’s equipped with 90 kW air compressors, offering oil-free compression and accompanied by dryers ensuring a dew point below +3°C.

This complete solution, integrating various energy components, is designed to meet your operational requirements while guaranteeing constant availability.

Our physical presence on site reinforces our commitment to continuous support, guaranteeing the stability and performance of your industrial processes.


Renting with Tibbloc ensures continuity of operations during maintenance periods

We can guarantee the availability of this equipment for a predefined number of planned shutdowns over a 5-year period.

90 kW air compressor

Steam boiler 3 T/h

Delivery for a 20 m³ FOD tank

24/7 on-call

Remote monitoring TIBBVIEW