24 August 2023

Eric Merilhou recounts his adventure at SCYFCO

Eric Merilhou, CEO of TIBBLOC, Shares His SCYFCO Experience.

Summary of the interview :

Eric Merilhou’s testimony illustrates the quality of SCYFCO’s services. The training offered allows you to work on key skills such as confidence in yourself and others, reflection, mutual assistance, collective construction and the definition of positions and roles. These valuable tools are useful for dealing with professional unforeseen events and managing organizational changes. It is therefore wise to consider SCYFCO as a partner of choice to develop team skills and contribute to the success of companies.

Full interview :

Why choose SCYFCO? How did you find out about SCYFCO? What exactly are you looking for?

This is the third time that I have worked with SCYFCO, the first was via an Executive MBA that I completed at ESSEC and during which we went to Coequidan over an extended weekend. The experience was incredible, group effect, emblematic place, a truly exceptional performance. As part of my work, I wanted to share this experience with executives and we did training in another format, for a single day, near Chambéry, where we put together a tailor-made program with the trainer. Today, I am the manager of another structure and I wanted to repeat the successful experience with SCYFCO and we went to Quiberon for this over a 1.5 day format.

What were your apprehensions on D-1? And those of your colleagues?

No apprehension on my part, I knew what to expect although the commando initiation part was unknown to me but the theme and the principle was there. As for my colleagues, they were not informed of the activity they were going to carry out and as a result, this left room for a lot of spontaneity and allowed them to let go very quickly.

What do you get out of the internship? Your hot report.

Once again, a great experience that leaves a mark for life. When you are a civilian and you follow this type of training, you will remember it forever. The results are very positive and the teams were delighted. My teams were impressed by what they were able to do individually but also collectively; certain events require a little thought but above all strong and caring support as well as trust in others. We discover that we can achieve together what we would not have even imagined we could do alone. The construction of the bridge is truly the perfect example of this.

And today, with this hindsight, what tools do you use?

Today, everyone has this in the back of their mind and it quickly and naturally comes to the surface when necessary, that is to say professional emergencies, hazards or even organizational changes, confidence remains present. The definition of each person’s positions and roles in meetings or on projects was quickly mastered at TIBBLOC.

A big thank you to Eric Merilhou, TIBBLOC, Hilaire COURAU, Yannick Salinas.