Chiller rental Process or comfort cooling

For process cooling in industry, nuclear, refineries, petrochemical, hospitals, data centres, etc. Temporary cooling unit rental immediately available with 24/7 service from our refrigeration and air conditioning specialists. All mobile refrigeration for hire for the production of chilled water, cooling of all types of fluids or industrial or warehouse air conditioning.

Chiller rental for cooling fluids at temperatures of -10/+15°C.

Maintaining the refrigeration temperature of your processes

The need for additional power during the summer or during production peaks.

The chillers rental range from 10 kW to 1000 kW with a nominal fluid temperature of 6°C.

Chillers can be coupled to produce higher chilled water flows.

We also offer the rental of reversible cooling units (PAC) and the rental of drycoolers (dry air coolers).

Positive cooling

Type of equipment Power Size (mm)
Chiller rental 10 kW 1250x560x810
Chiller rental 20 kW 2.5x1.05x2.3
Chiller rental 50 kW 2.00x1.00x1.65
Chiller rental 80 kW 2.50x1.05x2.3
Chiller rental 130 kW 3.05x.2.45x2.60
Chiller rental 180 kW 3.62x2.45x2.15
Chiller rental 210 kW 3.62x2.40x2.35
Chiller rental 270 kW 4.72x2.39x2.35
Chiller rental 340 kW 4.72x2.39x2.35
Chiller rental 450 kW 4.77x2.42x2.8
Chiller rental 520 kW 4.77x2.42x2.88
Chiller rental 600 kW 6.22x2.44x2.66
Chiller rental 620 kW 6.75x2.42x2.8
Chiller rental 750 kW 6.75x2.42x2.88
Chiller rental 920 kW 9.86x2.45x2.80
Chiller rental 1 000 kW 12.1x2.44x2.55
Reversible cooling unit rental 50 kW 2x0.900x1.850
Reversible cooling unit rental 60 kW 2400x1000x2450
Reversible cooling unit rental 70 kW 2400x1000x2450
Reversible cooling unit rental 150 kW 3600x2200x2450
Reversible cooling unit rental 300 kW 4600x2200x2450
Dry air cooler rental 700 kW drycooler 6.35x2.31x960
Dry air cooler rental 837 kW drycooler 6.35x2.4x1.5