Mobile steam solutions Steam

Since 2018, based on its expertise in heating, Tibblocs has diversified into offering solutions for boilers and boiler rooms for steam, superheated water and thermal fluids.

Based on the expertise of our integrated design office, we design indoor and outdoor mobile installations of small, medium or large power, which meet the needs of industry (heating, processes) and of professionals in district heating networks in the event of works, breakdowns or increased production.

The proximity and attentiveness to customers, the experience of the French industries, tertiary and residential sectors, the reactivity via its 7 agencies, have enabled Tibbloc to take a dominant position in the supply of steam solutions.

Process heating

Cleaning, disinfection,


Recovery of recovered energies/condensates

Energy production

Superheated water

Thermal fluids


Reference Power (kW) Size (mm)
Electric steam boiler 20 - 160 kg/h 1200x1600x1800
Mixed steam boiler room Flow rate 250 kg/h 6060x2440x2700
Mixed steam boiler room Flow rate 1300 kg/h 6060x2440x3120
Mixed steam boiler room Flow rate 1500 kg/h 9500x2400x3360
Mixed steam boiler room Flow rate 3000 kg/h 9500x2400x3360
Mixed steam boiler room Flow rate 6000 kg/h 9000x2500x3200

At tibbloc, our expertise in steam boiler rental covers all types of needs: refineries, petrochemicals, nuclear, industrial, networks.

Additional process steam production on a chemical platform.

Steam boiler room cleaning heavy fuel oil tank tank.

Large fairing operations.