Skid Control of pollution return condensate

The quality of our ancillaries and complementary equipment guarantees the perfect running of our technical solutions.

  • Optimises the steam cycle of a plant
  • Saves energy, additional water, chemical treatment
  • Less CO2, NOx, SOx emitted by the recovery of condensates allowing a reduction in the fossil energy needs of the boiler
  • Acts in favour of climate protection
  • Enables compliance with the regulatory obligation to analyse the risks of pollutants in SPHP72 facilities
  • Secures the boiler room and protects our machines in SPHP24
  • Ideal for all types of industrial, petrochemical sites etc.
  • Ph measures, on-line conductivity and other measurements according to risk analysis
  • Warnings and data reporting in case of pollution
  • Easy and quick to implement through skid design
  • Additional options: 23m3 condensate collection tank, water treatment, economisers, steam silencer.

Control panel integrated in the skid

Two electric motorised valves

Pollution analysis sensor suitable for risk analysis

Continuous TH monitoring

Conductivity monitoring in the boiler

Steam boiler room model3T/H and 6T/H
Condensate inlet DN50
Outlets2x DN50
Size L x W x H mm1 000 x 1 500 x 600
Tare weight Kg150
Steam boiler room model10T/H, 12T/H and 16T/H
Condensate inlet DN100
Outlets2x DN100
Size L x W x H mm1 000 x 2 000 x 600
Tare weight Kg200