Tank rental Fuel

Rental of fuel tanks – 100% ENR rapeseed, eco, premium oil – and gas tanks, as well as connections, stainless steel chimneys and silencers. Double-walled secure tanks, conforming to environmental standards for soil protection, ADR-compliant tanks for European transport, robust tanks in ISO containers suitable for rental with fork lift, slings and reinforced chassis.

Strengths of TIBBLOC fuels

Rental of fuel tanks - 100% renewabe energy rapeseed, eco, premium fuel oil - and gas tanks

Connections, stainless steel chimneys and mufflers

Secure double-walled tanks that comply with environmental standards for soil protection

ADR-compliant tanks for European transport

Types of equipment
Tanks fuel oil 15 m3
Tanks fuel oil 3 000L, 5 000L & 10 000L new generation
Tanks fuel oil 5,000L, 10,000L & 20,000L cylindrical
Tanks natural gas
Hoses fuel oil