Fuel tanks 15 m3 double-walled with retention

The quality of our ancillaries and complementary equipment guarantees the perfect running of our technical solutions.

  • A 20ft container with a 17m3 steel retention tank,
  • 15 m3 steel oil tank with steel jacket.

Complies with the NF.EN12285-2/DP regulation.

Oil filling line at ground level with anti-drip valve.

Anti-overflow filling valve.

Container exit with right or left hand hatch.

Police valve on oil flow.

Unloading line for quick emptying.

Float level indicator.

Atex hydrostatic level gauge with electric transmission.

Fuel fillingFirefighter connection DN80
Fuel oil outlet and inlet1" push-pull fittings
EvacuationFirefighter connection DN80
Electrical gauge4-20 mA output (Atex protection)
Size mm6058x2438x3108
Tare weightKg8000
Loaded weight Kg21 000
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