Reversible chiller rental PFT100

Meets the needs of temporary cooling and heating in industry, food processing, tertiary sector, ERP…

Quick and easy delivery and installation.

Versatile, wide input/output temperature range.

EUROVENT certified high performance.

Self-contained with integrated circulation pump and storage tank.

CompressorTYPICAL SET-UP1 scroll
Rated power coolingkW112
Chilled water mode°C+7°C / +12
Delta chilled water flow rate T = 5°C10 m3/h
Maximum temperature °C+46
Heat pump flow rate delta T = 5°Cm3/h12
Heat pump scheme°C+40°C / +45
Minimum temperature °C-10
Stings2 x DN50 PN16
Integrated pump (26 mCE)m3/h10
Buffer tankLitres1000
Nominal/maximum operating currentA45
Power supply A400 V TRI + T
Power cable sectionmm²3 x 16
Sizemm2251 x 865 x 2085
Tare weightkg1051
Noise level at 10 metresdB (A)55.6
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