23 August 2022



Founded in 2007 by experts in climatic engineering rooted in Bretagne, TIBBLOC (100 employees in 6 agencies) is a French rental company of temporary power solutions, independent and on a human scale. This year, true to its passion and local commitment, TIBBLOC is proud to become a partner of the EAG. This partnership takes shape with the arrival of TIBBLOC on the shirt of the professional team.

To know us better… TIBBLOC facilitates the daily life of urban networks, industrial companies, local authorities and the tertiary sector by making more than 300 MW of mobile equipment available 24/7 for the production of heating, cooling, air conditioning, air treatment, steam and compressed air.

In France and in Europe, reactive experts are mobilised to study, deliver, install and supervise your temporary power solution. With TIBBLOC, you always have a mobile power solution nearby, in case of emergency, breakdown, breakage, scheduled work, need for additional power or testing of new processes.

These solutions are quick to implement and easy to install, and include fuel delivery on demand. They are delivered, installed and put into operation by the TIBBLOC teams.

Heating rental

The temporary boiler rooms (60 KW to 5,000 KW) TIBBLOC are for the most part equipped with mixed burners to produce heating and DHW via premium domestic fuel oil, 100% ENR colza, eco-fuel, wood, gas. In addition, TIBBLOC rents out other solutions: electric boilers, domestic water production, hot air generators, heat pumps, unit heaters.

Cooling rental

TIBBLOC chillers (10 kW to 1000 kW) are the benchmark in the rental market for process or comfort cooling. In addition, TIBBLOC rents a large fleet of air conditioning, air treatment and air purification systems: air treatment units, roof top air conditioners, monoblocs, splits, reversibles, air coolers, dry air coolers, air purifiers, cold rooms and refrigerated containers.

Steam rental

In 2018, TIBBLOC diversified into the rental of steam (250 kg/h to 17T/h), superheated water and thermal fluid boilers, 100% equipped in containers, in SPHP 24/72 hours operation.

Find all the heating / cooling / steam equipment for hire at TIBBLOC on www.tibbloc.fr or contact the team on Tel. 0810 310 307.