Steam boiler rooms rental Large powers

Quick to set up, our mobile industrial steam boiler room solutions for hire are the perfect answer to the needs of manufacturers and district heating network professionals in the event of works, breakdowns or increased production.
Our rental accessories – water softeners, water treatment, feed tanks and many others – complete your temporary steam installations.

Steel heating unit, 3 paths

Compact boiler room - unassisted electric start burner

Standard gas pressure 300 mbar (possibility to supply expansion 1 to 4 bar)

CE mixed gas 300 mbar or domestic fuel high pressure boiler

Stand-alone distribution panel with touch screen for 24/72 hour SPHP operation

Complete with feed pumps, chimney, sample cooler, automatic deconcentration

It guarantees stability of operation between low and high loads and adaptation to load variations

Multiple options, add-ons and ancillaries TIBBLOC Vapeur

Large steam boilers

Model Nominal power T/H Size
Combined steam boiler 6T/H 6T/H 9925 x 2900 x 3565
Mixed steam boiler room 10T/H 10T/H 11450 x 2990 x 3752
Combined steam boiler 12T/H 12T/H 11 400 x 3460 x 3650
Combined steam boiler 17T/H 17T/H 9100 x 3540 x 3750