27 February 2024

Reducing CO2 emissions

Tibbloc helps reduce CO2 emissions.

By 2023, we had achieved a reduction of 210.42 tonnes of CO2, or 60% compared with conventional diesel.
This reduction rate is certified and closely monitored, attesting to our commitment to the ecological and energy transition. 🌍

The 2023 Sustainability Certificate issued by our supplier testifies to our commitment to greener, more sustainable solutions.

Choose our rapeseed-fired boilers:

  • 100% compatible with the entire range of boiler rooms
  • Local and traced biomass
  • 60% less CO2 emissions and high NOx reduction
  • 80% less particulate matter
  • Issuance of renewable energy certificate
  • Available in mobile tanks / Remote monitoring
  • No ground pollution from hydrocarbons
  • Frost-resistant to -10°C / -20°C in “extreme cold” conditions

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Being aware that climate change is everybody’s business. Decarbonising our mobile installations (boiler rooms, boilers) is a priority. Tibbloc rapeseed fuel is a green fuel made from 100% rapeseed oil, a 100% renewable and traceable energy, produced locally in France. Click here to find out more about our range.