29 February 2024

New boiler house 5 MW

We are proud to present our latest 5 MW boiler, which joins our large family!

These boiler plants are mobile and flexible, designed to meet all your needs, whether for small or large projects.
Thanks to regulated or constant flow, these systems maintain an ideal temperature in all circumstances! And for those of you wondering “Until when?” Well, as long as you like, because you can choose the rental period.

Our SuperTibb teams are available 24/7 to deliver, install and commission your equipment.

In terms of energy, they use premium FOD, biofuel or gas. Our new boiler rooms are classified as low NOx.

And the highlight of the show, remote supervision via TIBBACCESS to reduce downtime by monitoring and reporting all data.

Get in touch with us today to benefit from our hot power boosters!


Use our oil-fired boilers to quickly provide extra power or a temporary mobile boiler room for scheduled or emergency work. Easy to position (free choice of location), our premium oil-fired boilers are delivered, installed and started up by our teams.

Gas-fired boilers: simple energy supply, optimized energy costs for the long term.