15 February 2024

Installation of a heating network

A capacity of 38 MW of heat has been installed.

After the complete renovation of our customer’s network, we took over all the heating production for the heating network.

We have delivered 6 gas-fired boiler plants of 5 MW, 1 of 3 MW, and 5 of 2 MW. Our intervention took place gradually, with an initial phase of 15 MW in June, followed by a further 15 MW in September, and then the remainder in November/December.

For this project, we differentiated ourselves through the availability of our equipment, our ability to supply high power ratings (5 MW), the proximity of our agency, and the responsiveness and assistance of our on-site teams.

Many thanks to the teams and to Julien MAMERT, Sylvain, Pierre BOS, Geoffrey FAVRY, Raphael SILVA and Farid REMINI for their excellent work.👏


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