Boiler rental 250 kW wood

Get a quick temporary solution for domestic warm water production and wood heating with renting a pellet or shredded wood boiler. Beyond the wood industry, our mobile wood boilers meet the urgent or planned needs of more and more commercial or industrial companies.
Indeed, wood fuel is distinguished by its low and stable cost, its availability and its favourable ecological balance.


Complete boiler room: expansion tank, primary and recirculation pump, distribution panel, safety devices, automatic air vent, regulated flow with 3-way valve.

Recent, high-performance equipment. No Capex with rental solutions

Choice of rental period, controlled costs.

Immediate response to the emergency, delivered, installed and commissioned by our teams.

Very economical wood chip or pellet energy, no CO2 emissions.

Nominal power (wood 30% hum.)kW250 (wood 30% moisture)
Hot water outlet temperature °C°C65 up to 90
Pump flow ratem3/H10,8
nominal DT water inlet/outlet°C20
Max. operating pressurebar3
Expansion vessel volumeL200
Flow control Controlled
Hydraulic connection / FlangesDN 65 / PN 10
Electrical connectionA400 TRI+N+T 16 A
Size (en mm)12 200 x 2 500 x 2 900
WeightKg15 500
Shredded woodkg/H80