Rental boiler rooms 2-hour shut-off 2-hour fireproof

Complete boilers, 100% ERP (establishment receiving public) compliant, self-contained, easy to position and quick to install.

Ideal for meeting your temporary heating and hot water production needs: emergency boiler room, works, additional power, maintenance shutdown, etc.

CF2H = 2-hour fireproof

Dual burner oil or gas

Expansion vessel

Primary pump + recirculation pump

Distribution panel, safety devices, regulation

Isolation valves

Stainless steel single chimney

Anti-panic door

High flow trap

Controlled flow with 3-way valve

CF2H boiler room rental

Reference Power (kW) Size (mm)
330 kW 2H fireproof boiler room 330 kW 3050x2450x2900
600 kW 2H fireproof boiler room 600 600 kW 6400x2450x2600
990 kW 2H fireproof boiler room with remote control 990 kW 6300x2450x2600
1000 kW 2H fireproof boiler room 1000 kW 6300x2450x2600
1990 kW 2H fireproof boiler room 1990 kW 6600x2800x2900