1 June 2022

Heating / Dehumidification

Heating / Dehumidification during the resin application phase!

Customised installation for the occasion.
More than 750m of flexible ducting with a diameter of 500mm was installed and almost 120,000m3/h of air was treated.


Heating solutions for hire for a wide range of applications, from office heating to industrial heating (furnaces, electric and hydraulic unit heaters, air handling units).


  • 4-sided return air grids
  • Particle filtration ISO ePM1 55% (F5)
  • EC freewheel fan with high performance switching IP65
  • HEPA filtration H14 292 mm
  • Pressure switches and needle pressure gauges (filtrations)
  • 4-sided double deflection diffuser
  • Adjustable and lockable vertical airflow