Boiler room rental 255 kW

Energy and power on demand : Tibbloc, your partner for customized solutions from 80 kW to 5 MW.

Tibbloc can supply a wide range of boiler rooms with the energy of your choice:

  • Rapeseed biofuel 100% renewable energy
  • Eco-fuel, minimum 5% renewable energy
  • FOD premium
  • Liquid Propane Gas (LPG)
  • Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)
  • 2-hour fire-stop boiler rooms 100% compliant with requirements for public buildings (ERP)

Complete boiler room :

  • Expansion vessel
  • Primary and recirculation pump
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Isolation valve
  • Stainless steel single chimney
  • Anti-panic door
  • High flow trap
  • Controlled flow with 3-way valve


Fioul delivery on request

24/7 on-call

Choice of lease term

Without fixed capital investment

Nominal powerkW255
kcal/h221 850
Hot water outlet temperature°C60 to 90
Pump flow ratem3/h11
nominal DT water inlet/outlet°C20
Max. total head mCESpeed 2: 8.5 and speed 3: 12
Expansion vessel volumeL150
Start controlControlled
FOD consumption PmaxL/h25
Rapeseed consumption PmaxL/h20
Eco-fuel consumption PmaxL/h15
Electrical connectionA230+T 16A
Hydraulic connection / FlangesØDN 50 PN 10/16
Gas/rapeseed connectionØDN 50 PN 10/16
Eco-fuel connectionØPush-pull 1inch
Sizemm3,040 x 1,500 x 2,100
Weightkg1 800
Noise level at 10 metresdB (A)43