Boiler room rental CF2H 1000 kW

Mixed boiler room, 2-hour fireproof 100% compliant with the requirements of establishments receiving public (ERP)

Complete boiler room, ERP compliant, self-contained, easy to position and quick to set up. Ideal for meeting
to your temporary heating and hot water production needs: emergency boiler room, work, additional power, maintenance shutdown, etc.


Oil or gas burner, expansion tank, primary and recirculation pump, distribution panel, safety devices, isolation valve, stainless steel chimney, anti-panic door, high flow trap, regulated 3-way valve flow. kW

Recent, high-performance equipment. Cost effective, no investment

Choice of rental duration, controlled costs

Immediate response to emergency, delivered, installed and commissioned

Fuels Natural Gas / Propane or Domestic Fuel /Rapessed Biofuel Locally Sourced

Option: chimney extension that can be adapted to any configuration.

Nominal powerkW1000 kW
kcal/h860 000
Temperature of hot water outlet°C60 to 90
Pump flow ratem3/h45
nominal DT water inlet/outlet°C20
Pump availability pressuremCE14.7
Expansion vessel volumeL500
Start controlControlled
Max fuel consumptionI/h105
Hydraulic connection / FlangesDN80 PN10/16
Gas connectionDN50 PN10/16
Electrical connection A400V TRI +N+T
Noise level at 10 metresdb (A)42