15 November 2022

Customer commitment

Loyalty to our French customers: our commitment is to support you in all situations.

In the early spring of 2022, in anticipation of the upcoming tensions in the supply of heating and steam generation, we were heavily solicited by multiple foreign firms. Their aim was to secure energy supplies by setting up temporary back-up facilities.

We immediately reacted by inviting all our historical partners, operators and industrialists in all French territories, to anticipate their needs before the summer 2022.

At the same time, we invested €5 million in equipment to support demand, contacted our manufacturers in France and Europe, and recruited around 20 additional staff.

Naturally, we are proud to help French industrialists, of all sizes and in all regions, to spend the winter in safety, as well as our operating partners who are mobilised to serve hospitals, nursing homes, the tertiary sector, housing, local authorities and industry.

This is the meaning of our commitment, our responsibility and our loyalty, which we reiterated at our Corporate Seminar held in mid-September 2022.

Strong values shared by our teams which honour us and allow Tibbloc, independent French rental company, to celebrate this year 15 years of energy at your service.

And because we don’t leave anyone by the wayside, our sales team works every day to offer solutions to the French companies that contact us.

For any questions or comments, please contact us at info@tibbloc.fr or Tel. 0810 310 307.

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