Buffer tank Feed water tank 23m3

The quality of our ancillaries and complementary equipment guarantees the perfect running of our technical solutions.

  • Feed water tank 6m3
  • Duplex water softeners.
  • Blowdown vessel
  • Distribution panels 380V 32A.

Chemical injection pumps

Condensate pollution protection with automatic bypass (mandatory for SPHP72H operation)

Equipped blowdown vessel that can be positioned on the tank

Equipped steam silencer can be positioned on the tank


Steam temperature control chain for tank reheating

Distribution panel (protection and regulation) power supply

Visual level gauge

Heat-insulated stainless steel feed tank

Level controller with electric control valve on feed water

Distribution panel 220V 16A
Volume of feed water tanker L23 000
Softened water inletDN50 PN16
Outlet to boilerDN100 PN16
Condensate returnDN50 PN10/16
EventDN100 PN16
OverflowDN100 PN16
Evacuation DN65 PN16
Condensate return DN100 PN16
Steam injection reheating tankDN25 PN40
Chemical injection2x DN15 BSP
Size mm6000 x 2450 x 2700
Tare weightkg5000