Rental of industrial chillers from 450 to 1000 kW

Tibbloc’s chiller rental experts offer powerful temporary cooling solutions up to 1,000 KW per unit. These industrial chillers are adapted to temporary needs – industrial cooling, tertiary, hospitals, data centres, food processing…

In-house refrigeration team - Tailor-made cooling expertise

Recent high performance industrial chillers

Cooling capacities up to 20 MW and above

Turnkey rental - Emergency - Refrigeration maintenance - Additional capacity - Process

Temperature control for multiple uses - Positive cooling - Negative cooling

for rent

Model Nominal power (kW) Size (mm)
GFT450 chiller 420 kW 4770x240x2805
GFT520 chiller 510 kW 4770x2420x2880
GFT600 chiller 606 kW 6220x2440x2660
GFT620 chiller 618 kW 6750x2420x285
GFT750 chiller 743 kW 6750x2440x2880
GFT920 chiller 919 kW 9860x2440x2890
GFT1000 chiller 1000 kW 12100x2440x2550

In-house team of refrigeration specialists

In conjunction with our customers or design offices, our teams design the temporary industrial refrigeration solution best suited to your situation.

We have an integrated design office and our own team of certified refrigeration engineers who are authorised to work on your installations.

Customised cooling expertise

We work on the improvement of industrial processes, seasonal power supplements or those linked to your peaks of activity in the food (wine, festive products) or industrial (chemical, petrochemical, nuclear) sectors.

We can combine our chillers with our other equipment for hire: air treatment, heat pump, low temperature, to offer customised solutions (air conditioning, process heating/cooling, 30°C cooling).

Dry cooler

Recent high performance industrial chillers

  • Industrial chillers with high coefficient of performance
  • Screw or scroll compressors
  • Low power consumption
  • Soundproofing (compliance with noise and environmental regulations)
  • Efficient regulation
  • Compliance with standards
  • Robust frames, made in our workshops
  • High cooling capacities

Cooling capacities up to 20 MW and above

Industrial chillers can be coupled to produce higher chilled water flows. We regularly work on refrigeration installations in the nuclear, food and chemical industries, where we take on cooling capacities of 10 MW and above.

Turnkey rental

Our range of industrial chillers are configured and coupled with our independent skid pumps, buffer tanks, heat exchangers, hoses, if required.

Temperature control for multiple applications

The quality of our fleet and the choice of power ratings enable us to meet the needs of numerous industrial applications in positive or negative cooling: storage, process, temperature maintenance, tertiary applications, etc.

Negative cooling

For temperatures below -12°C, our in-house project design team will be consulted.

Emergency management

In the event of incidents, breakdown of the cooling unit, breakage of the cooling installation, our teams intervene 24/7 throughout France via one of our six agencies.

Refrigeration maintenance, service

In the event of maintenance or upgrades to your permanent installation, we provide an alternative solution during the work.

With Tibbloc, no more production stoppages or heatstroke: you can fully use your production capacity and guarantee optimum comfort for your employees and workers with our temperature control solutions.