A capacity of 38 MW of heat has been installed.

After the complete renovation of our customer’s network, we took over all the heating production for the heating network.

We have delivered 6 gas-fired boiler plants of 5 MW, 1 of 3 MW, and 5 of 2 MW. Our intervention took place gradually, with an initial phase of 15 MW in June, followed by a further 15 MW in September, and then the remainder in November/December.

For this project, we differentiated ourselves through the availability of our equipment, our ability to supply high power ratings (5 MW), the proximity of our agency, and the responsiveness and assistance of our on-site teams.

Many thanks to the teams and to Julien MAMERT, Sylvain, Pierre BOS, Geoffrey FAVRY, Raphael SILVA and Farid REMINI for their excellent work.👏


These are temporary solutions for ACS-compliant domestic hot water production, adapted to all types of primary energy: our boiler systems and DHW equipment give you the choice of energy. Find out more.

Installation of a 300 kW boiler room in Belgium to keep an empty building frost-free during construction.
The demolition of an old building, behind a classified facade, meant that the gas supply to the entire site would be cut off during the estimated two years of work.
This winter, the general contractor had to ensure a temperature of 14°C in the other buildings on the site.

Emergency installation of a 1 MW gas boiler room in a public establishment following a breakdown in their boiler room. Tibbloc‘s intervention enabled the entire building to be heated. Benefit quickly from additional power or a temporary mobile boiler room during your scheduled or emergency work thanks to our gas boiler rooms.

Complete boiler room :

Expansion tank, primary pump + recirculation pump, distribution panel, safety, regulation, isolation valve, stainless steel single skin chimney, high flow trap, constant flow or regulated flow with three way valve.

According to the model :

  • Delivered, installed and commissioned on a turnkey basis by our teams
  • Easy to place – free choice of location
  • Easy energy supply
  • Optimised energy cost for long term rental
  • Gas fuel management by Tibbloc on demand

In the service of EDF, discover the video of performance tests of a 20 MW heat exchanger in real conditions on the manufacturer’s site

The advantages of TIBBLOC

  • Expertise and experience of the team in temperature control
  • Securing tests at the exchanger manufacturer’s site
  • 20 MW of mobile heating systems and 20 MW of dry coolers
  • 2 km of cable, 800 m of ducting
  • Project management, service quality and schedule keeping
  • 3 weeks with 7 people

It is snowing in the East of France and we are installing a 600KW 2-hour fireproof heating system to support a public building.

Tibbloc has been investing for several years in the purchase of 2-hour fireproof boilers to comply with ERP regulations. We offer a range of boilers from 300kW to over 2MW.

Many thanks to the client for their confidence and to the whole team for braving the bad weather on the day.