Tibbloc helps reduce CO2 emissions.

By 2023, we had achieved a reduction of 210.42 tonnes of CO2, or 60% compared with conventional diesel.
This reduction rate is certified and closely monitored, attesting to our commitment to the ecological and energy transition. 🌍

The 2023 Sustainability Certificate issued by our supplier testifies to our commitment to greener, more sustainable solutions.

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Being aware that climate change is everybody’s business. Decarbonising our mobile installations (boiler rooms, boilers) is a priority. Tibbloc rapeseed fuel is a green fuel made from 100% rapeseed oil, a 100% renewable and traceable energy, produced locally in France. Click here to find out more about our range.

With Oleo100, Tibbloc blows a warm wind at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles!

Paris, March 28th 2023 –

During the SITL trade fair, which will be held at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Saipol and Tibbloc are pleased to join forces to offer a sustainable and 100% French heating solution at one of Paris’ leading exhibition venues.

Tibbloc, a long-standing client of Saipol, in partnership with VIPARIS, manager of congress and exhibition sites, will heat the entire exhibition thanks to a 1990 kW boiler room in a 2-hour fireproof container (CF2H), a 27 m³ 100% renewable COLZA tank running on Oleo100, a local, renewable and plant-based energy. By using Oleo100, Tibbloc contributes to reducing the environmental impact of the event while ensuring optimal thermal comfort. Oleo100, produced in France and made from 100% domestically grown rapeseed, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 60% compared to fossil fuels while allowing for an immediate transition in existing heating systems.

“We are proud to work with Tibbloc and to help them heat the SITL exhibition with clean, renewable energy,” says Claire Duhamel, General Manager of Oleo100 at Saipol. “Our collaboration shows that it is possible to combine performance and environmental friendliness, even in demanding environments like trade shows.”

For Tibbloc, the use of Oleo100 is part of a global approach to sustainable development and innovation.

“We are convinced that the energy transition requires concrete and pragmatic solutions, adapted to the needs of our customers”, underlines Bastien Roth, Sales Director of Tibbloc. “By using Oleo100, we are showing that we are at the forefront of eco-responsible solutions, while providing a quality service to our customers.”

The SITL exhibition will be held from 28 to 30 March 2023 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. Oleo100 will be present as an exhibitor on stand J038.

About Tibbloc
Tibbloc is an independent French rental company specialising in the rental of hot, cold and steam solutions.
As a human-sized partner who cares about its customers, the Tibbloc team offers complete and autonomous equipment solutions for the production of heating and domestic hot water (mobile boiler rentals), chilled water (chiller rentals), air conditioning (air conditioning rentals, AHUs) and steam (steam boiler rentals).
Tibbloc operates in industrial and tertiary environments and for urban heating and cooling networks. The company is the leading partner of heating networks in France.
With an integrated engineering, project management, technical and logistical unit, Tibbloc delivers, installs, commissions, supervises and uninstalls its turnkey solutions throughout France and Europe.
Tibbloc offers availability, safety, choice and service with a large fleet of recent, perfectly maintained and serviced equipment. The solutions are designed according to specific specifications for rental.

About Saipol
Saipol is the French leader in rapeseed and sunflower processing and develops value-added solutions based on edible vegetable oils, protein-rich oil cakes and low-carbon renewable energies, including Oleo100, B100 from French rapeseed for heavy duty vehicles.
Our brands include:

Energy efficiency: a wood boiler installed in GâtinéO.

Committed to an approach of energy sobriety and wishing to control its energy expenses, the Community of communes of Parthenay-Gâtine has just had our Tibbloc teams install a 250 kW wood boiler for a period of five months at the GâtinéO aquatic centre.

The benefits of this installation :
– Reduction of their gas bill
– Maintains the usual rates for the GâtinéO aquatic centre
– Reducing energy costs
– Energy efficiency approach
– 60% less CO2 emissions
-Strong reduction of NOx

Watch the France 3 report now

Read the article on the Parthenay-gatine website

And don’t hesitate to read the article in La Nouvelle République

Heating / Dehumidification during the resin application phase!

Customised installation for the occasion.
More than 750m of flexible ducting with a diameter of 500mm was installed and almost 120,000m3/h of air was treated.


Heating solutions for hire for a wide range of applications, from office heating to industrial heating (furnaces, electric and hydraulic unit heaters, air handling units).


Green boiler room 100% renewable rapeseed – Let’s make the most for French agriculture!

Design, delivery and installation of a complete, self-contained, turnkey Tibbloc green boiler room for a heating network. Rapeseed boiler room, a 100% renewable fuel, locally sourced in France. Ducting and connection by our team.

The company cultivates its difference in the discreet and aesthetic design of the power plant to serve our partner.

Tibbloc also assists you in treating the water in your heating system by renting a whole range of water softeners.


Being aware that climate change is everybody’s business. Tibbloc wants to be an active player in the reduction of the carbon footprint together with its customers. After several tests and adjustments, Tibbloc offers two ways of implementation for more environmental services.

What we decide:

  • 100% French production
  • Decarbonising mobile installations: boiler rooms, boilers, etc.
  • Be green, even for the temporary: networks, additional power, breakdowns, works…


Green fuel made from 100% rapeseed oil, a 100% renewable and traceable energy, produced locally in France.


Economical, stable and green fuel made from a minimum of 5% rapeseed oil and 95% de-sulphurised heating oil.


  • Local and traced biomass, French agricultural sector
  • -60% less greenhouse gas emissions (rapeseed)
  • -80% of fine particles (rapeseed)
  • High reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions
  • Odourless desulphurised heating
  • Optimal burning
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Issue of a renewable energy certificate (rape)
  • Customer benefits
  • Excellent efficiency: reduced consumption
  • Colourless and environmentally friendly
  • Oilseed rape eligible for renewable energy
  • No storage regulations


  • Level monitoring on our mobile facilities
  • 24/7 delivery service
  • Mobile tanks for maximum autonomy on all types of sites
  • No trace of hydrocarbons on the ground
  • No storage volume guidelines or positioning limits
  • Remote monitoring, latest generation non-overhead tank


  • Up to -10°C / -20°C in “extreme cold” (Rapeseed)
  • Up to -20°C with 80% biodegradable additive (Eco)
  • Reduces consumption and protects the boiler
  • Stabilises the product in the tank


  • Eco fuel in the Top 3 of the most economical energies
  • After oil and gas


Boiler room fuelled by shredded wood or pellets. Low and stable fuel costs, high availability and favourable ecological balance


  • Zero CO2 emissions
  • Shredded wood or pellets


  • Expansion tank, primary and recirculation pump, distribution panels, safety devices, automatic air vent, regulated flow with 3-way valve.


  • No Capex with rental solutions
  • Choice of duration
  • Very economical energy, controlled costs.