Air purifier Air

Triple filtration air block with microparticle filtration + activated carbon molecular filtration + HEPA H14 filtration.

The Bloc Air Tibbloc HEPA filter air purifier focuses on the filtration of particulate pollutants.

The inhaled air passes through a first filter with an efficiency class of ePM1 55%, which will form a first filtering barrier for particles of >1µm.

A second HEPA class H14 filter (usually used in clean rooms) will capture at least 99.995% of ultra fine particles of size >0.1µm.

    • Triple air filtration capturing 99.995% of ultra fine particles.
    • Air flow and return air on all 4 sides to purify the air 360°.
    • Compact and mobile with 4 directional wheels for quick positioning in any location.
    • Robust aluminium design with 316L stainless steel option for medical, food and clean room environments.
    • High performance electronically commutated freewheeling fan with low noise level.












Air intake grids on 4 sides.

Particle filtration ISO ePM1 55% (F5).

EC freewheel fan with high performance switching IP65.

HEPA filtration H14 292 mm.

Pressure switches and needle pressure gauges (filtrations).

4-sided double deflection diffuser.

Adjustable and lockable vertical blow-out.

Reference750 kW air purifiers
Electrical powerkW750
size mm700x800x1900
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ReferenceAir purifiers air handling unit + 966 kW
Nominal power kW966
size mm700x800x1900
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